Strategies for Achieving Work-Life Balance for Nursing Students

Achieving a work-life balance is crucial for nursing students who are faced with the demanding and time-consuming nature of their studies. Juggling long hours of studying and clinical work alongside employment can be incredibly challenging. Failing to prioritize a healthy balance between personal and professional life can lead to burnout and excessive stress. The experience […]

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Heading Back to School as an Adult

At LNA Health Careers, our student population consists mainly of adults over the age of 25, challenging the stereotype that college students are only 18- to 25-year-olds. We pride ourselves on making healthcare certification courses accessible to adult learners who are juggling multiple responsibilities alongside their education. Whether you have previous college credits or you

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Caring for Patients with PTSD

June is posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) awareness month. My message is meant to raise awareness: nursing assistants and phlebotomists who provide healthcare are frontline in facing the realities and experiences of what it’s like caring for patients with PTSD. New Hampshire nursing assistants (LNA) and phlebotomists (CPT) are often the first point of contact for

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National Minority Health Month 2023

New Hampshire in need of Change As we observe National Minority Health Month, this is a great time to share strategies on how to grow a more diverse and culturally competent nursing and allied health workforce capable of meeting the needs of our minority communities. Health care organizations in New Hampshire desperately need more culturally

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Nursing is a Labor of Love

Nursing is a profession as timeless as it is fulfilling. If a fulfilling, rewarding career is what you are looking for, look no more. I am happy to have chosen to make nursing my life’s work, my future couldn’t have been any more assured. That was over 30 years ago and is still absolutely true

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Have you met Bev?

LNA Health Careers is thrilled to introduce Beverley Cogburn as the new Assistant LPN Program Director! Bev started at Lakes Region General Hospital as an LNA before going on to receive her RN from Lakes Region Community College. She further developed her nursing career by recently completing her MSN in Nursing Education. She continued to

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