Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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They are exactly the same thing. NH refers to Nursing Assistants as LNAs (Licensed Nursing Assistant) because the state issues licenses. Other states refer to Nursing Assistants as CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant) because their state issues certificates.
An LNA provides basic nursing care which includes assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, mobility and toileting. They also take vital signs, obtain specimens, observe and report information, as well as many other tasks. To view a sample job description please click here. LNAs can work in settings such as a Nursing Home, Home Health Care and Hospitals. They work under the supervision of an LPN or RN.
Students must be at least 16 years old. There are no age limits after that. Our program participants range in age from 16 through retirement.
You’re never too old to follow your dreams! Our program hosts a wide variety of students from all backgrounds, races and ages. Each class is very diverse and while we can’t guarantee that you will be in class with someone your exact age, there are many people in your situation that ask us this question everyday. Don’t feel intimidated by having not been in the classroom in a while, our Instructors make learning fun and easy.
There are 3 tests and 1 final exam through out the duration of the program. The student must have a cumulative average grade of 70% or greater to pass theory. All of our tests are available on audio CD. This helps people with test anxiety to focus on the question, by having it read to them orally, rather than worrying about reading it correctly or misunderstanding. If you know you have test anxiety, talk to your Instructor on the first day. The two of you can work together to find a way to help you be successful.

Unfortunately, once you start one class you cannot switch to another one. We have small class sizes and most of the time our classes run at capacity. Also, each class runs at a different pace. Even though it covers the same material, it’s presented in different time slots which doesn’t allow for easy transfers.

We encourage you to find a class that you will be able to start and complete in its entirety before registering.

Please see our refund policy by clicking here.

A HS diploma or GED is not required for our LNA program. However, our Allied Health programs do require a HS diploma or GED.

You must be able to meet all of the requirements in order to be successful in the program. One of these requirements is being able to move/push/lift up to 50 pounds without any restrictions. If you meet all of the requirements, you can certainly take the course.

We offer job placement assistance. On your first day of class you will receive a folder of information. Included in this folder is a list of facilities throughout the state that like to hire our new graduates. This list includes all of these facilities’ contact information for you to get started. You’ll also recieve a username and password to access our JobsBoard online.

Our JobsBoard is made up of current LNA job openings that different agencies, home care facilities, long term care facilities and hospitals have requested that we post exclusively for our students. This is also helpful when starting your job search. In addition, many classes will have the opportunity to listen to an employer present to them about available employment opportunities within their company. Employers frequently contact us about coming in to present to classes on their last day of the course to recruit new graduates.

Yes, our program is comprised of 50 hours of theory and 60 hours of clinical. Students spend the first half of class in the classroom and lab setting and then do their clinicals in a long-term care facility. At orientation the student is given a class calendar which indicates which days are classroom days and which days are clinical days.

It is extremely important if you have had a past conviction, that you disclose it on your initial application. We run criminal record checks on all of our students. If it is disclosed ahead of time, our Coordinator will evaluate the charge(s) and will determine if you meet the eligibility requirements before you start the course. Please refer to our criminal record policy which states, “Individuals with a positive criminal record may have difficulty finding gainful employment in the healthcare field and may not be eligible for licensure. Because of this, LNA Health Careers has adopted a strict criminal record policy and each applicant with any prior convictions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, individuals with any felony convictions will not be accepted into the program.

Yes, you must wear scrubs to each and every class and clinical day. Our uniform requirements consist of navy blue scrub pants with a navy blue scrub top and closed toe, non-slip shoes.

Yes, as long as the test was performed within a year.
Yes, it is true! Because there is a shortage for Licensed Nursing Assistants in NH, the state has developed a reimbursement program as an incentive for more people to become licensed and employed. Once you graduate from the program and receive a license number from the NH Board of Nursing, if you get a job in a licensed nursing home facility in NH, you will qualify for reimbursement. After you have paid for the course in full, we give you a receipt and a reimbursement form along with directions for applying. Have your administrator sign the reimbursement form and mail it in to the Board of Nursing. They will issue you a check for the amount you paid for the program based on your receipt. You do not have to be employed for any specific amount of time, your very first day on the job makes you eligible. You can work full time, part time and even per diem hours to qualify for the reimbursement program. It’s an awesome incentive! (Please note: criminal record fees are not reimbursable through the state).
You would need to contact the other state’s Board of Nursing or Department of Health to find out if your license is transferable. Some states require more training hours than NH (like Maine for example) and others require less hours than NH (like Mass for example). If the state requires less training hours, it’s usually an easy transfer that does not require additional course work/testing. Unfortunately, we do not have a list of Board of Nursing phone numbers for states other than NH so we encourage you to either search for it online.

You would need to contact the NH Board of Nursing to find out what they will require of you. Their number is 603-271-6282. If they require that you take the competency exam, we offer that several times per month.

The fee is $160 and you can register for an exam by visiting

Please refer to our attendance policy by clicking here.
Yes! We offer Phlebotomy Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Medication Nurse Aide, IV Therapy, Licensed Practical Nurse, Patient Care Technician, Refresher LNA and Phlebotomy courses, and CPR/BLS.

We have several options for financial assistance including a payment plan, several scholarship/grant options and coming soon, a loan program! Visit our financial assistance page to learn more about these options.

If you would like to withdraw from a class, please put your intention to withdraw from class in writing and email it to [email protected]

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