LNA Refresher Courses

Re-entering the LNA Field / LNA Reinstatement

LNA Refresher Courses

Re-entering the LNA Field / LNA Reinstatement

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LNA Health Careers offers a refresher course for LNAs looking to get back into the field by reinstating their license. If you’ve been out of the field for a little while, we highly recommend taking this 6 hour course prior to taking the state competency exam.

There is a 98% pass rate for the state competency exam among students who took the refresher course prior to taking the exam. Of those reinstating their license who did not take the refresher course prior to the exam, only 76% passed the first time.

The refresher course will review topics such as infection control, safety, resident’s rights, communication, abbreviations and basic nursing skills. All clinical scenarios are reviewed, demonstrated and practiced among candidates in order to prepare for taking the competency exam and for use in the real world.

All refresher courses are held in person.

LNA Refresher Course Registration Requirements:
In order to be accepted into a refresher course, it is best that you consult with the NH Board of Nursing to be sure that a refresher course and re-test is all you need to get your license reinstated. Contact the NH Board of Nursing at (BON) (603) 271-2152. This is to make sure that you are eligible to take the competency exam and therefore are eligible to take the refresher course. The BON will require you to submit a reinstatement application, please request one from them.

If the NH BON advises that you are eligible to take the competency exam, you can register for our refresher course. The competency exam is included in the refresher course fees. You will submit your reinstatement application to the BON along with your competency exam results once you have completed the refresher course. 

Competency Exams
If you’re ready to reinstate your license, you can register for a competency exam directly with the testing company, Excel Testing by clicking here. Ready to reinstate? Sign up for the test now.

LNA Refresher Course Fee & Payment Info:

Registration Fee (non-refundable): $300
State Exam – Written: $100
State Exam – Clinical: $100
Total Fees: $500

No refunds are allotted for students who cancel within 24 hours of the start of the course or after it has started.