Creating the Opportunities for Students to Achieve

Independence and Opportunity

Welcome to July! As I reflect on the concept of independence, I cannot help but feel grateful for my country and the opportunities it has provided me with. I often think about others and how fortunate I am to be here in the USA.

My journey towards success has not been easy. I did not have anyone close to me who had attended college, so navigating the admissions process and dealing with financial aid was daunting. Moreover, I lacked the emotional maturity necessary to handle such responsibilities.

Fortunately, I attended a high school that offered career and technical education (CTE). This is where my nursing career began, and now I am dedicated to making career pathways easier for others to navigate.

Education established on opportunities

When I established LNA Health Careers (LNAHC), a school that focuses on healthcare careers, my goal was to create competent and confident healthcare professionals who are ready to enter the workforce. At LNAHC, you can build your entire career in one exceptional school. Start with your first training program and continue to grow and train for new opportunities and independence! There is no greater feeling than achieving your goals and attaining financial freedom. That is what I wish for all my students – to have financial freedom.

So how does LNA Health Careers achieve this? Our aim is simple: we provide students with structured pathways towards post-high school education and careers by combining academic learning with practical skills. Our approach to education is unique – it constantly adapts to meet the changing demands of the workforce and education landscape.

Our students consistently tell us that they are “very satisfied” with how well LNAHC prepares them for life after graduation.

Multifaceted Career Pathways

1. Focus on preparing students for the future

We understand the importance of continuing education, and that is our ultimate goal for you. Our mission to prepare students for competitive job markets also aims to give them an advantage when labor trends shift. This includes equipping students with the skills necessary to pursue additional certifications or degrees, fostering soft skills crucial for successful upskilling or reskilling, and cultivating resilience and adaptability.

2. Forge partnerships with businesses and institutions

Collaboration with businesses, healthcare organizations, and community, state, and regional entities is vital to the success of our trade school.

This approach serves two purposes:

– In a time of unprecedented change, students should learn directly from institutions at the forefront of these shifts to ensure success after graduation.

– By establishing connections before graduation, students are more likely to secure competitive roles after completing their LNAHC programs. This also benefits industries facing skills gaps and staffing shortages.

3. Address racial equity actively

At LNAHC, our career pathways and curriculum are carefully designed to ensure equitable access and outcomes. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, and we have recently established an International Student council to help us innovate and bridge gaps for the success of all our students.

At LNA Health Careers, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education and support. We believe in empowering individuals to achieve their goals and pursue successful, fulfilling careers. Join us on this journey towards independence and a brighter future!

-Kerri Dutton, RN: Owner & Director of LNA Health Careers

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