National Minority Health Month 2023

New Hampshire in need of Change

As we observe National Minority Health Month, this is a great time to share strategies on how to grow a more diverse and culturally competent nursing and allied health workforce capable of meeting the needs of our minority communities. Health care organizations in New Hampshire desperately need more culturally competent nurses, phlebotomists, and more channeled into the profession who can understand the experiences of minorities.

Many minority patients face some of the greatest disparities, which includes lacking access to providers familiar with their racial, cultural, and ethnic experiences. Minorities in general may not choose careers in health care due to the stigma placed around staffing and wage issues, limited access to mentors in the healthcare workforce, and limited opportunities to explore careers in healthcare.

Action at LNA Health Careers

At LNA Health Careers we offer a supportive environment to learn skills that will help minority populations enter the workforce with all the tools to succeed. Our students are diverse and the support available to students is evident with our program pass rates. Our instructors are supportive and ensure that each of our students receives the instructional method that works best to promote growth and love for education.

At LNA Health Careers students have enhanced access to student support services (no cost online tutoring and in-person low cost one on one tutoring) and experiential learning opportunities (clinicals, externships, job shadows, internships). Our student alumni community consists of many students with diverse backgrounds. We encourage peer to peer mentorship, tutoring and assistance to help students struggling to learn from a peer with similar racial, cultural, and ethnic experiences.

Help New Hampshire Bridge the Gap

If you want to make a difference in your community and have the skill of knowing a language other than English, have an understand of different cultures and the needs of different ethnicities…New Hampshire needs you in our healthcare workforce. Call LNA Health Careers to find a course that is best for you!

By being part of the healthcare workforce in New Hampshire, YOU can be the reason that patients are able to seek health care in a language they understand. and with an increased presence of cultural awareness in healthcare organizations across our state, YOU can be the reason someone chooses to see the doctor, because they will get assistance from someone who understands their needs.

LNA Health Careers offers certification courses in LNA (nursing assistant), LPN (practical nursing), Phlebotomy, and Pharmacy Technician. Our courses are 4-8 weeks and are available in many different flexible schedules to meet your needs.

-Kerri Dutton, RN: Owner & Director of LNA Health Careers

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