Have you met Bev?

LNA Health Careers is thrilled to introduce Beverley Cogburn as the new Assistant LPN Program Director! Bev started at Lakes Region General Hospital as an LNA before going on to receive her RN from Lakes Region Community College. She further developed her nursing career by recently completing her MSN in Nursing Education.

She continued to work for LRGH for 15 years as a unit manager until she came to teach in the LPN program at LNA Health Careers and we couldn’t be more grateful to have her with us.

So who is Bev when she is not teaching? Well, this ray of sunshine has a daughter, is an avid cat person, she’s a crazy fan of The Office and oddly enough she always seems to knows what the Dew point is.

Bev has been an amazing LPN instructor for our first LPN cohort over the last year. She is detailed, organized, and an absolute rockstar for her students. We cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things that will surely come!

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