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    Rachel Vargo

    I have used all five writing styles throughout my years as a student, but I definitely use certain styles more than others. Analytical writing is probably my least used style, as I practiced it more in middle school but not as much as I progressed through school. I have done some expository writing in the past but much rather enjoy reading this style. I love learning new things and I prefer being able to form my own viewpoint on a topic, rather than reading about someone else’s.
    I have done very little fictional narrative writing, mostly because I never write for fun. Persuasive writing is enjoyable to me, but I sometimes overthink my word choices when trying to be persuasive.
    I have done the most argumentative writing by far and would also consider myself that type of writer. I enjoy having a strong viewpoint and backing it up with quality evidence, as opposed to relying on persuasion. I am excited that we will be writing about topics on nursing this semester, since I have never done so in the past and know writing about something I am interested in will be more enjoyable!

    Demetri Burnett

    Very nice, you are gifted. I think I’m more of an argumentative writer on top of expository myself. When I write, I like to have facts and main points to discuss.

    Taylor Ouellette

    I’m surprised to learn that you don’t choose an analytical style often, since you write so fluidly. You have a strong writing style and you seem to put your thoughts on paper with ease!

    Beverly Cogburn

    You have a strong voice and it sounds like you know your strengths!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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