Week 7

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    Taylor Ouellette

    1. The group meets to take action for themselves. They decide the situation is dire and they need to discuss their options since the rescue efforts haven’t been fast enough. “Insubordination over inaction”

    2. Dr. Deichmann disagrees strongly. The other doctors believe it’s the humane approach, even though Susan Mulderick later retracts her statement. I don’t believe in the idea of euthanasia in this case, but I’m more repulsed that Susan only agrees when there are no consequences.

    3. Some say it’d be wrong or cruel to euthanize the people. while others say the euthanized pets were treated better for being put down. I think this claim alone would contribute to the plan to hasten death in the patients.

    4. I feel anxious about the last patient departing. Knowing what the last 5 days did to the staff, and how many didn’t make it out alive it’s very unsettling knowing that this is far from over. The next time someone steps foot into the hospital, it’ll be dirty and damp. It’ll have broken windows and the bodies of people and pets will linger. I’m relieved for the survivors, but it’s chilling to remember what they’re leaving behind. and i wonder if the hospital will ever be the same

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