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    Nicole Salvador

    1. The tension that arises between caring for pets and caring for people was when Mulderick smelled worse in the second-floor lobby. Despite the broken windows, the fecal stench was intense. Nobody, she thought should have to bear such conditions, particularly not fragile patients. She got frustrated when Dr. Fournier was worried about her cat, it was sick and suffering no longer eating and drinking. It angered Mulderick to see them attending to pets around the corner from where the sickest patients lay but not about what they can do to care for the people.
    Yes, some of the staff were concerned about the patients and wanted to consider it and they viewed it to ease the patients out of a terrible situation, they needed to be comfortable.
    Later boats allowed the evacuation of pets, making the earlier deaths senseless after they were permitted to leave with their pets, but it was too late for many. It hadn’t been necessary to euthanize them after all.
    2. I felt good and excited about the last of the patients who leave the memorial alive load onto the helicopter, especially Rodney Scott who was able to make successfully airlifted, alive.
    3. They met to discuss the situation and how to go about it.
    4. I think the euthanasia decision is different. I don’t know how to ethically argue that this is right or wrong. I think a big part of it is putting the comfort first and letting them die peacefully and comfortably.

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