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    Nicole Salvador

    1. It wasn’t possible to hold the view, the decision not to move her to safety or support her with oxygen felt personal. Green felt numb about the situation the woman was precious and felt love for her, she couldn’t stand to watch her die on the ground.
    2. They were surprised Vera had not been rescued and was been placed far from the head of the line after they were been told she would leave Memorial by helicopter instead she was lying near the ATM and the planter full of green striped leave, also her DNR status which was not a recent status but the result of a request she had made more than a decade.
    3. The hospital was turning people down because there were too many patients sick and not enough supplies to take care of them. They were trying to get patients out as soon as they could so taking more in would contradict what they’re trying to do. I do not see race as being an issue, as they were turning down people regardless of race.
    4. I believe the decision to euthanize the pets was the most humane decision. If no one was going to be there to take care of them, then they would have starved, overheated, and died a miserable and painful death. Alternatively they could have tried to take pets along with them, as well as leave the pets where they were and tried to come back for them afterwards. Gain admittance while Mark warned them they brought the boats and they can take them away.

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