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    Natalia Virgin

    1. The hospital had to turn people in need away since the capacity of the hospital is over already, the staff is sort and exhausted
    also, the hospital is struggling already since they lost power too.
    No, race was not the reason at all. As I mentioned above the hospital can not take any more patients or people in need to

    2. Since the hospital lost power, no air conditioning and runs out of water even for patient, staff, and people who are sheltered
    It is impossible by that time to leave the pet with that condition, the pet will die suffering slowly so, yes from my point of
    View the action taken was necessary.

    3. Decision was made those who are in critical condition and required full support had to be the last to help along with DNR
    patients, it was not easy to do it especially since she is the mother of a friend that everyone knows.

    4. It must be devastating being in that state not knowing what is going on, who is in charge, and when to get help.
    None of them can get hold of outside in charge or higher uo staff from government, things seem out of control.

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