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    Nicole Salvador

    I believe Finks description was more of trying to get the truth and not make Pou look bad. I feel as though her strengths were being front and center when it was needed most. She was a caring individual and provided great care. She didn’t allow herself to become overwhelmed when things were beyond hectic. Her weakness, if anything, is not letting their deaths be a natural process. I still feel it was more from the heart than evil. Just my opinion.

    Dr Pou is a very great doctor she has accomplished a lot in her time as a doctor. She is compassionate and smart. It is unfortunate the situation she has ended up in.

    It is unfortunate to read about this part of the story because they have no idea that it will actually be way worse than when the actual storm has actually come through.

    Martial law is instated because the conditions were too intense for civilians and local enforcement to handle.

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