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    Piper Dion

    When Sheri Fink interviewed over 500 people she needed to have confidence and perseverance to accomplish what she did.. She needed to have courage, listening to so many stories from people with traumatic experiences. While writing she needed to take so many things into consideration, for example HIPPA. This was probably very emotionally and physically draining for her to accomplish.
    It’s hard to fully understand and put yourself into situations when you were not there to experience it. I question why the hospital was not as prepared as they should have been. Why were they low on supplies? I feel like you should have hurricane drills and steps in order when you live in a hurricane territory. I think Dr. Pou was placed in a predicament to prematurely extinguish the lives of their patients because they had more experience than other doctors. I’m not sure what I would have done given the circumstances, I believe when it comes to things like this you do not know what you’d do until you need to do it.
    People who were exempt from mandatory evacuation were law enforcement, hotel workers, along with hospital staff. These people were needed to try and keep others safe, give care, and housing. Ill patients were also exempt from this.

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