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    Treyvon Cauley

    Some challenges Sherri had to face was perseverance and staying strong during the interview process. I mean 500 people with such traumatic experiences is not an easy pill to swallow.She had a huge story to tell ,but have stay within guidelines and not violate HIPPA or defame someones character and still get the point across without anybody from both sides of the story feeling uncomfortable or judged. Sherri had to become a therapist, detective, journalist and advocate all at the same time.

    Because I am such a believer in conspiracies, I wonder was everything a big coincidence or a big set up? From no preparation, low supplies, and then some people having to stay behind it just don’t make any sense to me. I feel like doctors like Dr. Pou was placed in a predicament to prematurely extinguish the lives of their patients because they were more knowledgeable and had more experience in the field and honestly didn’t have a choice because of the Hippocratic oath. I feel the higher ups felt that because they have more experience and knowledge that they would be able to improvise in that situation but didn’t put into consideration that even the most seasoned doctors were never prepared for a situation like this. To be honest I don’t know what I would’ve done in this situation in view of the fact that if I inject the patients with medicine that causes breathing to cease and requires the patient to be monitored and doctors to be ready to resuscitate, they will die but if I leave them on their own they will die also, so in either situation me and the patient are not in control of the outcome.

    The people who were exempt from mandatory evacuation were really sick patients, hotel workers, criminal sheriff workers, essential workers and the hospital staff.

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