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    Shelbee Hawthorne

    I think that Sherri Fink went through a lot of hard Times during the process of trying to get all of these people to interview for her. It takes a lot of courage and commitment to do what she did, even when it was hard she didn’t give up. she not only had to do the interviews alone she had to find the 500 people to interview. she had to keep her opinion to herself while interviewing all of these people to be able to write this book.
    Why they didn’t have the hospital ready and prepared for the worst is the biggest thing they knew the hurricane was coming but didn’t have all the supplies they needed ready. They should have been more and better prepared for this to happen when they knew it was coming. They should have drills to practice for stuff like this so they are ready and prepared for the worst. Dr. Pou was in a very hard spot he had to decide who was going to get better and who wasn’t off the knowledge in his head, who is going to live and who is going to die. Deciding who is going to evacuate based on their status. Im not sure how I would react being put in that position I’ve never had to experience anything like that so it is hard to say how I would react. I think If I had to be in the position I would get everyone that is in bad shape or in risk of getting an infection to somewhere safe out of the hurricane and make sure they are all set and then go to the lower risk people and see what they needed and where we have room for them out of the hurricane.
    The people that were exempt from this were ill patients, hotel workers, hospital staff, and health care workers. They were all exempt from the evacuation due to having to help people and take care of the sick and hurt. They had to help get people to safety and make sure that they were well taken care of. The hotel workers give people a safe place to stay and sleep after their houses got ruined in the hurricane.

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