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    Nicole Salvador

    1. Cheri Landy and Lori Budo, I think they were both was faring well. Hey, were in a same situation unemployed which wasn’t easy for them. Landry was the primary caregiver for her ill mother and had lost her home to Katrina. Budo supported her family’s, as the main provider. Although, they found it challenging being unemployed both professionally when they couldn’t practice clinically, neither of them had a career at a university to fall back on.

    Karen Wynn the nurse manager was also concerned about her two arrested nurses.

    2-. According to Cathy Green, she didn’t want a protracted ending for herself. She told her daughter if that time came, “You just take me to Holland.” She had seen it, again and again, working in the ICU. People often did not want to talk about death with the dying or be there with a relative when it happened. Why did we celebrate every milestone in life except this one? She wondered. Everyone wanted to be there to witness the beginning of life but the ratio of birth to death was one to one.

    3-They may claim that justice was served. Those who believe the decision to be prejudiced or insufficient in addressing the harm caused or the accountability of those involved may disagree.

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