Week 13

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    Taylor Ouellette

    1. The article paints a very familiar picture of the events that unfolded on Memorial. While our interviewer may not have the full story, his questions are fair and to the point.
    2. The statistics suggest that the city had more important crimes to focus on and less controversial cases. So putting the three women on trial for murder was less about the crimes committed and wasted valuable resources which could have been used to arrest more dangerous criminals.
    3. The biggest ethical question here is ‘if the patient consents, is it still murder?’ Without consent, there’s a solid argument that you’ve murdered someone. As of 2021, we have 11 states where a medically aided death is legal and obtainable with consent. In those 11 states, the consent is a necessary part of the process and noncompliant parties can be charged for making the decision on a patient’s behalf.
    4. The AMA’s legislation meant that doctors could not be held liable during disasters like Katrina unless they act maliciously. Pou argues that her goal was to provide comfort care, where the AMA originally had no guidelines. Still, Caplan’s opinion is that if these meds were being used for comfort care there’d be more documentation and they would be given at much lower doses.

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