Week 12

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    Taylor Ouellette

    1. By definition, 2nd Degree murder is “murder that is caused by the offender’s reckless conduct that displays an obvious lack of concern for human life”. This stuck out to me because we are often shown that Pou is concerned about her patients to a fault. It must have been heartbreaking to her since she was more concerned about her patients than herself.

    2. Pou’s lawyer is trying to convince people that the state and many others had shared blame in the patients deaths and therefore couldn’t be ruled “plain and simple homicide”

    3. Leadership comes with experience and grace. If someone survived a tragedy like a hurricane, you could expect them to handle it better the second time it happened. The greatest risk of safety during a crisis is not to be prepared for it.

    4. Charity hospital’s greatest strength in the hurricane was preparedness. You can argue that morale had its own impact on the outcome, but more than that was training. The staff was drilled on hurricane readiness and had plenty of backup supplies in case of a major emergency.

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