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    Nicole Salvador

    1-Pou’s arrest was seriousness of the circumstances. Pou was charged with purposefully giving patients deadly quantities of medication in an effort to ease their agony during the disaster. I assume there were a variety of feelings as Pou was being escorted to jail.

    2-Pou’s attorney strongly criticized Foti for his handling of the arrests, insinuating that the attorney general resorted to sensationalism in carrying out his duties. Almost immediately, those in the medical profession began weighing in. Ethicists drew distinctions between euthanasia and assisted suicide on one hand and palliative care on the other.

    3-How someone can develop the skill necessary to provide leadership during a crisis is by good coordination and appropriate communication, developing adaptability skills, and must possess the ability to coordinate with others, empathize and proactively create a solution.

    4-The lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina have led to improvements in disaster planning and training for hospitals. One of the most important lessons learned is the importance of having a comprehensive disaster plan in place before a disaster strikes2. Other lessons include the importance of having backup generators and fuel supplies, having adequate supplies of food, water, and medical supplies on hand, and having a system in place for tracking patients during an evacuation.

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