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    Nicole Salvador

    1- The final count of patient death at the memorial hospital was compared to the other healthcare facilities as the largest number of bodies found at any Katrina-struck hospital or Nursing home.

    2-Tenet would have to show they were prepared for the hurricane.

    3-The Tenet telephone operators took down messages from dozens of frantic families and entered a database. If a patient relative somehow reached the medical officer directly, he told them what he knew which was how the families were informed about the death of their loved ones.

    The investigators discovered through difficult sleuthing that the patients’ families had been shocked by their deaths because they had been extremely strong, unflappable, and unanxious. They also discovered that a volunteer coroner had had informed Wisconsin Nelson that her mother undergone the autopsy because euthanasia was suspected. They understood that proving a crime requires more than just eye witnesses accounts and empty morphine vials.
    The autopsy revealed that the Wisconsin coroner
    Nelson had been right about the autopsy, that euthanasia was suspected, and that the patients had died with traces of morphine and other
    sedative medicines in their systems. These findings led the investigators to the conclusion that euthanasia had likely occurred.

    5- To stay professional and clear and not to get involved too personally in
    order to stay objective without leading any assumptions.

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