Week 10

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    Taylor Ouellette

    1. It was high compared to the other hospitals and nursing homes in the area
    2. I think denying Susan Mulderick a Tenet attorney after hearing her story is immediately suspicious and horrible. Aside from this, I think it would be very easy to shift the blame to the doctors with all the evidence. They should have had a plan to evacuate quicker, though.
    3. Many of them weren’t told for days, some even by email. The patients were mostly sent to other hospitals where they felt abandoned
    4. The families wishes were not asked for, or they would’ve known that some of the patients would have wanted the chance to fight for life. The autopsy showed a high concentration of morphine and midazolam, which are both sedative narcotics but the midazolam should not have a reason for continued use like the autopsy suggested.
    5. Butch’s daughter had recently passed away due to an accidental overdose and it was very hard on him and the family. Sometimes it is a good approach when you need to think critically and objectively

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