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    Taylor Ouellette

    The first thing I like to tell people about myself is that I’m an artist. Even though I eventually decided to pursue a career in nursing, I’ve done a bit of everything! Most notably, I was in school once before for cosmetology, and spent a year as a tattoo apprentice. You might say I have a passion for people! Whether I’m painting a canvas, someone’s hair, or their skin, I’m happy.
    I’ve been an LNA for almost 4 years now. I took the class and started at a rehab, only expecting to be there for a year at most. Fate had other plans, however, and I fell in love with the work. It took some time, but I’ve decided to further my education and I couldn’t be more excited.

    Rachel Vargo

    Knowing bringing other people joy is the common interest in all of your different pursuits, I am positive you will make an awesome nurse. The fact that you originally did not see yourself doing this long-term, proves you stayed in this field and want to be a nurse for the right reasons. Coincidentally, I spent my junior and senior years of high school attending cosmetology school and did everything except the state board test. My favorite part about having that background is when I have opportunities to do patients’ hair because I know how valuable their self-image is and any way I can assist with that, makes me feel amazing!

    Demetri Burnett

    Well said!!!! The BEST character traits you can possibly have is gratitude, kindness, confidence, and most importantly creativity which you are all. It isn’t easy shifting your crafts but as a great nurse it will find a way to expand your artistry to an completely different level for greatness. I’ve been an LNA for about 4 years myself and I love it. Anything you want, you can achieve it. Continue pushing forward, you will make an awesome nurse or even a doctor.

    Beverly Cogburn

    Hi Talyor,
    It’s great to have you here! I am glad you decided on nursing becasue it sounds like you love helping people.

    Brigette Robichaud

    Hi Taylor!
    Thanks for sharing! I can sympathize with not initially choosing healthcare but eventually finding a love for the field. Having a creative background with be such a greater tool in your career.

    Dailyn Hatch

    Hi Taylor! I think it’s amazing you have experience in all different fields of art. Being a great nurse brings having a great passion for people and I think you have that part nailed! Very happy for you and wish you well on this journey!


    I am glad you have found your pathway to nursing, Caring is a form artistry, because you get to express your thoughts and share your compassion.

    Marisol Jaimez

    Hi Taylor,
    Wow that is so awesome to hear that you are an artist. The passion for healthcare is very similar to art in some aspect. The way we feel can paint the pain, happiness, sadness in ones eyes, emotions, gestures. The fact that you feel fate gave you a pathway to healthcare is a greatness you can’t even describe. The pull to care for one is an art of compassion. I think this will get you a long ways in healthcare. Remember we are all here for you if you need anything 🙂

    Cheyenne Noble

    Hey Taylor!
    So glad to be on this nursing journey with you! I think being an artist lets you bring a different kind of thinking to the table. You see things through a different lens then most would, and dabbling your feet in multiple different careers just shows that this is your true, natural calling. Like others have said, the qualities you have from working in those vast different fields will get you far in the nursing world. Patience, compassion, friendly, dependable, hard worker- which sound like all of your traits. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.
    Best of luck,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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