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    Hannah Daigle

    Hi! My name is Hannah and I’m so excited for my nursing journey!

    Some background information on my career, I’ve been an LNA for 3 years now working at different nursing homes, I’ve been working with a travel agency for about eight months now traveling locally. My end goal is to be a nurse practitioner in emergency medicine.
    On my down time I enjoy reading, and spending time outdoors (when its warm). I have two dogs a pitbull and a lab mix who keep me up and moving! I live next to Dover, and on the weekends my boyfriend and I enjoy going out at all the restaurants.
    As far as my writing experience goes, I have the experience I’ve learned through school. I do enjoy writing when its on topics I find interesting and want to learn more about.

    Taylor Ouellette

    I think it’s fantastic that you’ve had such a variety of experiences! I’ve also worked for a travel agency and it’s a great way to get the best experience. I hope you can use those experiences to reach your end goal, since you’ll be better equipped for new challenges.

    Beverly Cogburn

    Hi Hannah,
    You sound like you have an open mind so I am sure you will do great in English!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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