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    Samantha Hurd

    My name is Samantha h. I live in Meredith and work at Goldenview, i have worked there for eight years. In those years i have gained many friends and mentor. They have help me through some really tough times and taught me to believe in myself and stand strong. They have always asked me why i haven’t gone to nursing school. Well, a little background, I’m 38 years old. my son is 18, one of my daughters is 17 and my youngest daughter is 12. We have been very involved in cheerleading and football. All three of my children started at the age of 5. In that time i worked attended every practice and game not always on the sideline. I was an assistant cheer coach and also emt’d the home football games. I was so busy being a mom i didnt have the confidence in myself. i knew school was a lot to handle and i felt it just wasn’t the right time.
    I started my healthcare career in high school my junior year and graduated from high school as a L.N.A and worked at Belknap County Nursing Home. I spent some time doing at homecare and travel L.N.A. I also waitressed and bartended definitely fun!!! but not a career. I personally love to travel So i think it would be nice to take my knowledge to new places and be a travel nurse.

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