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    Brianna Ledger

    Hi, I’m Brianna Ledger, most of those who know me personally, call me, “Bri.” I’ve gone around the world 31 times so far, the end of this month, September will mark 32. I have a significant other who has joined me on the this journey called life, Matt and we have a 1 year old cat, mittens. Mittens wakes me up bright early most days, we inherited him from Matt’s late father, Gary who passed away in May. They are my biggest support system as I embark on nursing school. I have been a licensed nursing assistant for 10 years this month, a medication aide for a year. I have developing skills throughout my nursing career that have enhance my abilities to communicate, organize and problem solve in the face of adversity. I love words but have not always had the best relationship with them. When I was younger I was very shy and sometimes, almost always, would mispronounce a word wrong a couple times before learning techniques to overcome my timidness. I use to write for fun or for English classes mostly throughout high school. I am looking forward to developing my English skill set in this class .

    Carrie Anne Weeks

    Nice to meet you Brianna! My cats Veronica and Betty also wake me up early too. Happy Birthday for the end of the month! Carrie Anne

    McHailey Grant

    Nice to meet you! I also used to write for fun in English class I absolutely love it and can t wait to develop a new skills set as well!

    Angela Burke

    Hello! Nice to meet you, I’m pretty shy myself and get very nervous speaking publicity, but I love to talk to my residents .


    Thank you for sharing that with us Brianna, being a LNA is hard work especially for 10 years but great to move up the ladder !

    Olabisi Adekoya

    Hi Bri,my name is Olabisi but people called me Ola,I love to travel too but not this time because of my children and there’s no one to assist me except my husband. I know that very soon when they’re old enough to take care of themselves I will be able to explore and tour around the world. Thought,I’m not a lover of pet due to the experience I had when I was little but, I wish to have one as times goes on.

    Melissa White

    What a great story!! Maybe your next trip around the world I can join you!! I look forward to learning from you and all my other classmates.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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