Module 6

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    Marisol Jaimez

    1)People were turned away from the hospital for the reason they didn’t have the resource’s to care for more people then what they had already there. I don’t think race placed a part in the care that was given or t the ones that were turned away, it was more gear toward that lack of resources that they were able to provide. I think toward the end it may have seen it was racial as a lot of colors children and parents were coming to the doors and being turned away, in the movie it showed all people of color no one single white American looking for refuge.

    2)As for myself, I am not sure I could euthanize a patient or pet. My heart would hurt beyond words. Even the chaos I think it was a hard decision for them to make. I couldn’t let an animal suffer with heat and no water and no food with no guarantee that they would make if I left them.

    3)Dr. Cook ugh what an awful human from the begin he had no issues with bending the ethical. Talk about a man that has zero morel and only out for the better good of himself. Nurse Green has a heart of compassion and follows an ethical practice.

    Mark and Sandra the communication with them was off the charts, they couldn’t agree or do something together. Sandra after looking into the disaster plan noticed there was nothing there for this type of hurricane and you would think with all the hurricanes that they have had in the past they would be more prepared with these things. It was brought to the attention Mark that the facility works has put in request to have the generators moved from the bottom floor to higher ground. The communication on the hospital failed the whole city.

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