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    Lydia Jordan

    Race was not a factor at all, hospitals are only so big and with such a tragedy you have to expect to have to turn people away, there for triage being an option, they were running out of room, food and water and could barley give proper care to the people they already had never mind more people. it was necessary because it’s a hospital they couldn’t take care of people and pets, the pets were being neglected, not intentionally but its how it happened and the hospital was no longer to care for the pets. It has nothing to do with who she was even a mother, no matter who the person and the circumstances it’a hard to watch people die of cancer, or just die in general it’s not an easy thing to cope with no matter if you expect it or not or who they are. Lack of resources like communication, no wifi or cellular of any sort or ways to get in touch with other people, the language barrier and the overall fear and panic in people making it hard to communicate and work with others in a timely and calm fashion

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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