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    Carine Mbilia

    1.The key decision that kept people alive is that their hard work include the decision to move the sickest patients to higher floors, where it was cooler and decision to ration supplies and ventilators. However some decisions resulted in death such as the decision to give morphine to the patients to make them comfortable instead of treating their condition.

    2.the man with the boat calling to rescue in the middle of the night was a resident of the nearby area who came to help evacuate patients.
    Pets were brought to the hospital because many patients refused to leave without their pets. And the hospital staff recognized the importance of pets and the emotional support that they could provide.
    The cloverleaf was a important part of this story because it was the designated landing site for the helicopters that were evacuating patients.
    3.Mark was shocked by the staff’s departure when walked into the hospital to help his mother. He could be viewing from a distance but he had a point; The personnel may have been worn out and overburdened by the situation but still their duty to preserve a positive outlook in order to inform and reassure patients and relatives.
    4.The priority system for evacuation did not fit within accepted triage practices because it did not prioritize patients based on their medical needs.
    A utilitarian approach may not always be the best because it focusses solely on maximizing the overall benefit and ignores individual rights and interests.
    A more ethical approach may be a combination of utilitarianism and principles such justice, fairness and respect for human dignity. Practicing triage medicine is difficult because it requires making difficult decisions under stressful circumstances with limited resources.
    The best approach for organ sharing is one that prioritizes patients based on medical need and ensures fairness and equity in the distribution of organs.

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