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    Lucy Guerra

    1) The critical decision that kept people alive was squeezing re-inflatable Ambu-bag to ventilate the LifeCare patients.
    The decisions that resulted in death were the sickest people were being euthanized. The hospital was made one of the lowest lists of hospitals to be helped evacuate after being a top priority.

    2) The man on the boat would steal from the people in the hospital. Pets were brought to the hospital because their owners didn’t want them alone when the storm hit. Cloverleaf is essential to the story because people are being dropped off by helicopter for safety.

    3) Mark is viewing the situation from an outsider’s perspective because he wasn’t there working day and night trying to save patients. I’m sure he would have understood the problem more if he had been there for 48 hours.

    4) The priority system for evacuation patients fits within accepted triage practice because the people who needed the most help and would survive were sent out first. A utilitarian approach is the best because the decisions are made on the best outcome. The difficulty of practicing triage medicine is that people have different views. The best method for organ sharing is when the organ becomes available and the person most needed gets the organ.

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