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    Olivia Arpin

    1. I think that she had to stay unbiased, find people willing to share their opinions, and take many hours out of her week in order to collect the common consensus. I think that Sheri faced many dilemmas as she was given new information that changed, or added to what the others said, but added more detail.
    2. First off, I don’t understand why they were in a flood-zone, though they didn’t practice emergency drills, or have a backup plan in case of an emergency. Secondly, They knew the storm coming was a category 4 hurricane, so it is beyond me on why they didn’t perform a full evacuation. I think that the doctors were placed into a predicament because they had to judge based on progress made already to see who would get better, or who would need more supplies than the other patients. Personally, given the circumstances I would sit with those who aren’t improving and offer my one on one support.
    3. Experienced doctors were given exemption from the mandatory evacuation because they knew what medicines would improve the patients conditions. The “old knowledge” and customs that doctors have become accustomed to changed during the hurricane. Instead of going from most significant ailment to least significant, they switched in order to get those who are in better condition to recover faster and save more lives without using as much supplies.

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