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    Kelsie Poulton

    1. I think she had a lot of ups and downs while trying to craft the book, she had to conduct over 500 interviews on her own, on top of conducting the interviews she had to find over 500 people willing to do the interview and to talk about everything that had happened. that could not have been easy. I think that she had multiple dilemmas because she has her own beliefs along with all of the other interviewers so she had to sit there and listen to what everyone else said while having to keep her comments to herself for the sake of the book.
    2. I found myself wondering why they were not as prepared as they should have been, like the hospital was low on supplies when they shouldn’t have been. They had to of known that the hurricane was coming. why didn’t they get all their supplies before hand? I feel like every hospital should have drills for something like this so that way they are more prepared. they should have back up generators and gas stocked up in the hospital basement, they should’ve known what to do when the hurricane hit. I think doctors like Dr.Pou were in that predicament because they had the most experience with those patients. I think they had her saving supplies for later on in the storm when they started running out of everything fro the patients who got worse and or absolutely needed those supplies. Dr. Pou had to make all the calls on who would get better or who wouldn’t and who would evacuate first based off how bad their condition was. Given the circumstances I’m not really sure what I would have done I have never been put in a situation like that. I think I would just jump in and help wherever I could. I think I would have moved the more injured people or the people at more of a risk of infection from being in the hurricane out of the hurricane zone before the people that were not at risk for anything. that way the people who are probably having no hope that they are gonna survive could hold on to some sort of hope that they are gonna get out of this mess.
    3. the people exempt from this were law enforcement, hotel workers, ill patients, and the hospital staff. these people had to be exempt because they were needed to help others with staying safe and getting to a safer place, the hotel workers were exempt because they are needed to give people who may have lost their homes due to hurricane housing to stay safe.

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