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    1. Cheri Landy and Lori Budo were both faring well, they both uplifted each other. When Landry’s house had to be demolished due to flood damage, Budo went to pick a few items out of the putrid muck, took them home, and washed and sterilized them for her friend. Though not working was difficult for them both professionally and existentially. They both don’t have university jobs to fall back on when they could not practice clinically. Landry had lost her home to Katrina and was the primary caregiver for her ailing mother. Budo was the major breadwinner in her family with two children in college. The nurses were middle class, with mortgages rent, and car loans to pay but with the help of their colleagues from Memorial ICU, they organized a committee to deliver food and perform “other acts of kindness” for them.

    Karen Wynn the nurse manager was also concerned about her two arrested nurses. Their lawyers had told the women under scrutiny not to talk to one another, as they could be accused of colluding, but Wynn and others ignored that advice, checking in to see how the others were doing.

    I think their testimony before the grand jury would have been a good idea for the district attorney had decided not to prosecute them but looking at it from their lawyer’s side, with no status of limitation for murder, the women could always be prosecuted in the future. Cases against them could be built on other evidence.

    Karen Wynn testimony was conspicuously absent from the grand jury proceeding because she awaited the call to testify, but for her, unlike the others, it didn’t come.

    2. According to Cathy Green, she didn’t want a protracted ending for herself. She told her daughter if that time came, “You just take me to Holland.” She had seen it, again and again, working in the ICU. People often did not want to talk about death with the dying or be there with a relative when it happened. Why did we celebrate every milestone in life except this one? She wondered. Everyone wanted to be there to witness the beginning of life but the ratio of birth to death was one to one.

    3. In my own opinion justice was served she doesn’t need to be prosecuted because she was under immense pressure and in that situation, no healthcare professional should ever be accused in a rush for judgment, she believed in comfort and felt that the best at the memorial

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