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    Natalia Virgin

    1. When Katrina struck Dr. Anna Maria Pou had an opportunity to stay at home, but she choose to be with her patient, when she was arrested, her first and main concern was her patient too! it showed us how dedicated she is to her profession and takes her responsibilities above and beyond.
    She must be very scared, disappointed, and worried about her family.
    2. Mr. Foti, at his news conference, said he was not required to supply a motive for Dr. Pou’s action also. Mr. Foti said of the grand jurors while criticizing the district attorney’s office for not calling on certain witnesses ( independent expert pathologists ) to testify.
    3. According to American Psychological Association, Perhaps the most essential element of crisis leadership is clear and trustworthy communication. Best practices for crisis communication, established through years of psychological and organizational research, include transparency, honesty, and empathy. From my point of view, communication, knowledge, and trust.
    4. Every time hurricane hit Louisiana, the Memorial Hospital has always been a shelter for the locals so. The hospital is better prepared than other hospitals. Also, it is owned by Tenel, a big company in the country. The lesson is dedication, strong leadership, and communication during disaster.

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