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    Piper Dion

    The New York Times stated how important it is for preparation for things like this, and questions memorials preparation, or if maybe they were not following their original plan. Health care facilities need to be prepared for things like this that could happen, especially when they are located in an area where disasters like these occur.
    John Thieles was a respiratory therapist who faced very challenging circumstances at Memorial. He was not supposed to be at the hospital during the hurricane. However, he has been there by choice for the past 21 years. He was never opposed to euthanizing pets or patients.He smothered a man due to prolonged suffering and very minimal survival chances. He was known for staying with his patients during evacuations.
    Everyone has their own cultural, and spiritual beliefs. Which differates with preferences on death, and mindset. Even with these differences there is still an understanding on when something is wrong or right. These things in the book may have been challenging, but it comes down to how everything was handled and managed.

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