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    Michelle Chapman

    1. The question was raising the concern of lack of preparedness a question that many others I am sure asked as well there is no answer sadly I think this is certainly a question based on hind cite easier said than done so to speak. its so easy for some on the outside to think something is so easily done when not put into that predicament themselves.
    2. He knew the circumstances were beyond his control and knew the staff did whatever they could his main goal was to comfort and not allow people to suffer he felt prolonging the suffering would be pointless
    3. This is such a tough topic people believe it should be up to God and when others use other medical interventions it goes against god “thou shall not kill” even if its a killing to ease suffering its still wrong according to some religious beliefs. Others feel it should be up to the terminally ill patient when they want to die and by means of medical euthnanasia to have control over their death and to go with as little suffering as possible

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