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    Ashlyn Westmoreland

    1.) I agree with the columnists statement. Where they were located on top of the history of storm they should have been more prepared. In defense to the staff handling the situation I stick by my opinion that you can not say what you would have done if in the same situation as you have no idea what you may do faced with such a magnitude of crisis. I feel that no decisions were made by the medical staff in a malicious intent. As for the construction and preparedness of the hospital itself was inadequate.
    2.) John felt it was right to smother a man because he truly saw no chance of survival for anyone. John even told his family to prepare for the worse. With this mindset he had convinced himself that ending the lives of the people at the hospital and not the people at the airport was allowing them the chance to die without suffering as there was little to no supplies and or medication and staff to provide them care and what they need. He felt like he was doing the right thing.
    3.) There were different things considered when it came to euthanasia during this crisis. Patients with extreme medical problems were able to be properly cared for and they didnt want them to suffer. Certain religions did not agree with assisted suicides but based on their individual circumstances they put their religion aside to make their decision. The most important aspect considered was consent. When consent was given for the euthanasia it was considered ethical due to the situation they were in but when some peple decided to take the decision into their own hands that is when real problems arised.

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