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    1. When compared to other healthcare institutions, the memorial hospital had the highest number of bodies discovered at any hospital or nursing home that had been affected by Katrina. “It looked like a painting of hell.”
    2. By answering the phoned-in inquiry defensively and requesting them in writing, the Tenet attorney displays no misconduct. He faxed a corporate narrative of the incident, copies of news stories praising the courage of the memorial’s staff, and a collection of press statements attributing the death behind the hospital.
    3. The Tenet phone operators recorded the
    messages left by a number of anxious families and entered them into a database. The relatives of the deceased were informed of their deaths by the medical officer if a patient related managed to get in touch with him personally.
    The buses that Tenet leased weren’t too bad; they traveled to Dallas where the organization had booked and paid for rooms at the upscale Anatole Hotel, complete with toiletry amenity packs, free food vouchers, and assistance reuniting with loved ones. Patients who were fortunate enough to be evacuated via Tenet hired helicopters were taken to the nearby Tenet hospital where they were also provided with meals and showers and could benefit from the arrangement.
    4. The investigators discovered through difficult sleuthing that the patients’ families had been shocked by their deaths because they had been extremely strong, unflappable, and unanxious. They also discovered that a volunteer coroner had had informed Wisconsin Nelson that her mother undergone the autopsy because euthanasia was suspected. They understood that proving a crime requires more than just eye witnesses accounts and empty morphine vials.
    The autopsy revealed that the Wisconsin coroner
    Nelson had been right about the autopsy, that euthanasia was suspected, and that the patients had died with traces of morphine and other
    sedative medicines in their systems. These findings led the investigators to the conclusion that euthanasia had likely occurred.
    Because midazolam was found, it was significant to the case because it’s not a substance that is commonly administered to patients, but rather as other sedative medications in their bodies. It is not a medication that can be obtained over-the-counter at home, it is a substance that is typically utilized in operating rooms or when someone is about to be intubated.It shouldn’t be administered repeatedly because there would be no justification for someone to build up midazolam in their bodies over time.And all this have been discovered in their bodies.Some of the high amount of morphine was discovered and nine victims tested positive for morphine.
    5.Fifth Butch Schafer As inspiring as it was to gather the information required to pursue justice, much remained in front of them, and he cautioned Virginia Rider, “Don’t. Get. Emotionally. Involved,” since he knew from experience that even the most promising new case typically doesn’t turn out the way you hope it may.

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