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    Brygida Weinberg

    Narrative Writing : story telling ,it’s something that happens to the the main character of the story. Could be fact or fiction. Objective is to keep the reader engaged into what they are reading, a beginning, a middle and an end should be present.

    Analytical writing: trying to prove your own (non)bias point ,based off of data that you have researched, cited and concluded on.

    Persuasive Writing: It is the intention to influence or convince the reader to believe in your idea and or in your opinion

    Expository writing: This is where you investigate a topic or idea, finding and having evidence to support this ,and then to write an argument based off of your research in a clear and concise manner

    Argumentative writing: This is collecting and presenting evidence ,which allows the reader to make a informed decision based off of your writing

    I am a Narrative writer

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