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    McHailey Grant

    1. Having to conduct over 500 interviews would have to be tremendously challenging. Considering she had to figure out who everybody was, on top of convincing them to talk to her. She had to compare and contrast information from every single person including doing her own research. Just the interviews themselves had to have been very time consuming, As well as putting all the information together.
    2. It explains how much damage the hurricane did. The doctors made an agreement that the people who had a chance at long term life would be evacuated first and the worst-off patients last. At this point the hospital if full of the doctors that are left and the patients there that are fighting for their lives. The doctors were informed that they had to leave by night, and they had to leave the patients behind. Either they just left the patients to fend for themselves until they died because they were already in critical condition, or they medically drugged the patients and controlled when they died and made sure it was before all the healthcare providers left. If I was in that situation, I would have made the decision to control the deaths rather than leaving patients to suffer at the hospital until the life was completely out of them.
    3.The hospital employees were exempt from mandatory evacuation because they thought that if people couldn’t get to the hospital to get help if they needed it then a bad situation could go worst. They also made the decision to leave the sickest people to be transported last. I don’t completely agree with that. I felt like everybody should have been a priority because all of those people had family who trusted the hospital with their family members lives. A life is a life. As katrina grew closer they weren’t sure whether to risk moving patients if it was a false alarm but then they remember how the hospital has flooded in the past. They did not trust the hospital to protect them whcih resulted to them moving patients away.

    Michelle Chapman

    This must have been an emotional book to write with having to interview those that suffered through this. Those that had to re live that tragic time I am sure it must have been a tedious task to put this book together with all that alone I agree.

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