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    Aaliyah Staggers

    I think the biggest challenge Sheri fink must’ve faced while interviewing all 500 trauma victims, is honestly just holding everything together. She had 500 people telling their story going through so many emotions I’m not sure how she didn’t break down herself. I applaud her for keeping things so professional to be able to get all of these people’s story out there.

    Reading the prologue made me wonder how was everyone so unprepared? I’m sure it was many warnings prior to hurricane Katrina these are things we definitely should be doing drills for.

    I believe the doctors were also going through so much mentally and at some point they begin to make biased decisions ultimately thinking if I was in the position id want someone to put me out of my misery probably could no longer bare to see their patients suffer anymore I really couldn’t say what I would be thinking.

    Hospitals were expected to stay open, All medical staff expected to be ready for anyone coming in with injuries from the hurricane. Hotel staff had to stay so people had shelter. Law enforcement to help maintain the chaos. Residents were expected to evacuate for safety, also to use old knowledge like keep hammers, axes incase they became trapped in any way.

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