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    Melissa White

    Sheri Fink is a very brave woman. To take this situation on and write about it must have been very difficult. I’m sure there were people who didn’t want this book written. And the controversy it must have caused. Also let’s talk about the emotional difficulties she had to face. Hearing the stories about people being trapped and ultimately having to choose death over life. Interviewing first hand witnesses, in my opinion would cause a lot of grief. Having to stay objective while writing this book could not have been easy, whether she agreed or not.

    As I was reading the prologue I kept asking myself why? Why wasn’t the hospital more prepared? This was supposed to be a safe place for people to go. Also why did they wait so long to announce the evacuation?

    I feel the Dr’s after days of watching these sick patients suffer, ultimately wanted to spare them anymore suffering. I can’t say what I would do in that situation. No one really can. When you are surrounded by hopelessness and disparity who knows what anyone would do.

    Hospitals were to stay open, people were expected to get harmed during the storm so Dr’s and staff were to stay. Also hotel staff because a lot of people are going to need housing. Law enforcement to keep order in Town. Residents were encouraged to evacuate or go to stadium for refuge. People who did stay home were encouraged to fill bath tubs of water. Like the old days. To have hammers or axes on hand to get out if trapped in the attic.

    Michelle Chapman

    I agree I would not know what to do in this situation No one I am sure expected to ever be in this situation as Doctors and Nurses they want to care for all patients and as resources were running thin and as things got worse things were left out of their control. I also am sure that many did not want this book to be written as it calls out those in authority who not only failed the hospital but those patients and the patients families this was such a tragedy hard to believe this was all real life.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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