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    Natalia Virgin

    1. The decision that Dr, Anna Pou demonstrated, do not to give up and don’t stop caring for the patient, don’t let the patient suffers more.
    I personally salute the hospital staff that kept going caring and working in that condition. when the higher-up management decided to stop the
    care and no longer passing medication, which rises death.

    2. The man on the boat in the middle of the night was a distraction from the group or a couple of men that working together to rob those people inside
    the hospital.
    Pets belong to hospital staff and from local people that shelter during Katrina.
    Cloverleaf is an important part of the story it proves how important infrastructure is.

    3. Mark Leblanc see it as an outsider’s perspective, he was not there during the events, he was not there to face and dealing with the
    the situation, he has no idea how challenging the situation was.

    4. It was fit, from my perspective, the staff has decided and did good by rescued the baby/ infant and those whose is in critical stage, by
    that time the staff has no idea what is going to happen , how long they are going to loss power and no supply.
    i believe the staff and higer-up staff did their best in every aspect they could including the utilitarian approach.
    Also for organ sharing I personally believe the utilitarian approach is the best decision for that term.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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