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    Carine Mbilia

    1.Sheri Fink faced several challenges in crafting the book “Five days at memorial” in conducting over 500interviews is not easy, having access to sources, managing conflicting accounts,…she faced challenges in obtaining accurate and comprehensive information from the large number of interviewees, sorting through conflicting accounts and organizing the large amount of information into a coherent a journalist she probably wrestled with ethical dilemmas about accurately representing the need for transparency ,managing her emotions and biases while revealing sensitive information about a traumatic event.

    2.The prologue raises questions about the impact of natural disasters on healthcare systems and the challenges faced by healthcare workers in disaster situations ,also the ethical dilemmas that arise when healthcare professionals are forced to make difficult decisions about who to save and who to prioritize. Five days at Memorial raises questions about how hospitals and government agencies must be prepared for natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

    Doctor POU were placed in a difficult predicament due to the lack of resources ,overcrowding and lack of available transportation and the uncertain timeline for rescue.
    Given the circumstances ,as a healthcare professional, would make a difficult decision about who to save and who to prioritize.

    3.some patients were given exceptions from the mandatory evacuation due to their medical conditions, and also it was believe that the facilities could provide a safe environment during the storm.
    The significant orders given were to turn off the elevators and to transfer patients to higher floors.
    The book presented knowledge and customs of hurricane preparedness ,including the use of sand bags, the presence of generators, and the understanding of evacuation protocols.

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