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    Saru Das

    1) Sheri Fink conducted over 500 interviews to explain what challenges she faces. I am sure this is so much an emotional situation for her. She is the breve and smart woman that she takes all the risk and moves forward. I think she has struggled with lots of things like finding the right person for an interview. I am sure how much time she spent to find the right information and right witness. I believe there must be some people who don’t want to be involved in this interviews.

    2) My personal thoughts, first of all the hospital was not prepared as they are supposed to be ahead. It sounds like the hurricane started early. Why were the hospital and states not prepared. It was so bad that there was no water,no food, no electricity, and no medication. Those people suffer a lot. It was a really scary and terrifying situation. I think Dr.pou did make a bad decision.There must be another option she could use. We save lives.

    3) The mayor,government, coast guard and national guard was giving mandatory evacuation because people were not safe inside the hospital.
    They were ordering to fill the bathtub with water in case they ran out of water.

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