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    Demetri Burnett

    -As things become more of a need for evacuation, They took the risk of transporting and saving the babies. 2 very sick babies almost could not fly due to the incubator’s capacity, the doctor decided to take a chance transporting the baby without an incubator in order to proceed to baton rouge. Medical chairman Richard Deichmann decided to form a meeting with other doctors, and came up with a plan to transport the DNR patients last, returning a patient back to the ICU, disconnecting and reconnecting her life support, she had passed away. Some patients had a hard time regulating heat, especially some elderly. Patients who were dying awaiting transportation that were on ventilators.
    -In the book, Pets and also family remembers were allowed to shelter inside oh hospital due to the severity of the storm, didn’t want pets to go uncared for while owners or family members of owners were stuck inside the hospital during the storm. They had no idea the guy tricked them by insisting that he was there for rescue and actually ended up taking their belongings and equipment as they started to evacuate.
    -He felt the place was a mess, he first encountered the heat from the hospital, he noticed the patients looked as if they were intended for. His mom even stated “In a mess” and also she was thirsting, he became upset about that because he thought he needed IV treatment for dehydration, also he thought he was stubborn because she needed antibiotics for a urinary infection, but the hospital cannot provide IV treatment. I feel like they somewhat had a point for coming and trying to get the rest of the people rescued, but he became mad due to the condition of his mom, so I believe he didn’t know what those people were up against there.
    -I Don’t believe the evacuation priority system fits the triage practices which focus on the Illest patients as a priority, in the MMC case, they did not focus on the sickest patients, but focused on DNR orders, among Full code. Some doctors and nurses actually thought the sickest should go last because they will eventually die anyway. Helping people on life support machines probably would have resulted in fewer dying patients which would be the logical thing to do according to ventilators and other machines risk of dying out due to power. I think getting the very sick patients and ventilated patients out first, instead of going by DNR or other orders didn’t work so well for many lost ones.
    Survivors should be given to priority for organ transplants, but we always want to factor out who is the best candidate for it.

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