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    Hannah Daigle

    1.) Sheri may have faced challenges trying to find the people involved and allowing her to put their interviews in a book. Also, trying to piece all of these interviews together in a story in chronological order was probably a big challenge as well. I think it also would have been hard to listen to these interviews and not form and opinion on weather they were right or wrong, and not portray your opinion in the writing of the book.

    2.) The town knew the storm was coming about a week in advance. Why didn’t they start planning the evacuations sooner than twelve hours before the storm was going to hit? I know many people didn’t believe it was going to be as catastrophic as it was, but why not prepare and plan ahead to be safe? All healthcare workers are in this feel to take care of other humans. We are in this field to help people get over illnesses, help manage pain and keep patients comfortable. When Dr. Pou and her colleagues found out these patients were not going to be evacuated, and were going to be alone in the hospital for at least a couple of days. Why let them suffer? One of the Doctors were scared people were going to start coming into the hospital and steal medications, find these patients suffering, and torture them or hurt them. I think these health care providers acted on the knowledge that once they left, these patients were going to suffer a long painful death. Under these extreme circumstances I may do the same. If I knew these patients were going to suffer a painful death alone in a hospital, I would give them medication so their inevitable death would be pain free. With that being said, I don’t agree with the way it was decided. The board for the hospital said everyone needed to evacuate and some doctors took it upon themselves to decide that some patients were going to stay.

    3.) It was a mandatory evacuation, everyone was required to evacuate but some Doctors and Nurses stayed behind to help patients evacuate, some Doctors in the hospital decided that some patients were going to stay there, they made wristbands to put on patients that were priority to evacuate versus people they felt were too sick to evacuate. The hospital has withstood every hurricane since it was built in the 1920s everyone thought it would survive Hurricane Katrina as well, and be a safe spot for people to go for protection.

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