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    Natalia Virgin

    Hi everyone, happy easter !

    I personally enjoy creative writing: humor writing and flash fiction would be my choices to refresh my mind to me, are entertaining and lightens my days
    everyone needs a laugh, needs a way to escape from routine stressful days of work and household, you can tell from my first introduction 🙂
    anyone else like creative writing ?

    Carine Mbilia

    I am not a creative writer but i like it, and agree with you.Laughter is important especially after all stress from work, class,…

    Nicole Salvador

    I love creative writing because it provides an Emotional Outlet, it also allows you to express your thoughts and feelings imaginatively.

    Brandon Johnson

    I absolutely love creative writing and love the ability to stimulate all different types of emotion through creative writing. It’s such an amazing form of art to express yourself.

    Brianna Ledger

    I love being able to let my creative side take control. There’s so many instances in life where we have to stay in a box or stay inside the lines sort of speak. Many people use writing as a tool to help decompress or as a way to communicate with the world about what’s going inside their realm. Just being able to get the thoughts out on paper can bring things to reality.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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