Chapter 7 Discussion

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    Nicole Stuhlmiller

    Why did the small group of doctors decide to meet? A small group of doctors had decided to in a radiology suite. The chief of Surgery John Walsh retold the first-hand account of the scene witnessed overnight. Walsh went on to say how rough it has been on the staff who stayed awake to care for patients. The Doctors were also unhappy about the turned down chance to continue helicopter rescues.
    What decisions were made at this gathering? They decided that they need more of a surgeon’s attitude. To be men and women of action. Insubordination or inaction. They were going to organize a more concerted rescue effort. They would start with re-triaging the patients that remained. They would send out the message of positivity: Everyone will be getting out.
    Finally, the open conversation about euthanasia comes out. What side does Dr. Deichmann take? Dr. Deichmann is very much against euthanasia. Can you tell what Susan Mulderink thinks? Mulderick thinks that Euthanasia is the most logical and humane way to care for her critical patients that are suffering. Dr. Pou? Dr. Pou is for the alleviation of people suffering. Pou doesn’t see another way, only euthanasia and asks Dr. Cook to help her with the cocktail to deliver to the patients. Dr. Cook? Dr. Cook is no stranger to “letting people go”. I think he is fine with it. He helped Dr.Pou arrange the medications. What are your thoughts? My thoughts…I am torn. I would have done my absolute best to keep everyone alive. given the circumstances: exhaustion, heat, waste backup, death all around, and fear. I don’t know what I would have done. I would like to think my moral compass would remain intact.
    What tensions arise between caring for pets and caring for people? Mulderick was noted as being very upset over another colleague caring more for a pet than she was over sick patients. I feel people should be a priority. It is a human hospital. I understand allowing the pets, given the situation…I don’t think the life of a pet should take precedent over human life. Do you think that somehow euthanizing pets made it easier for some of the medical staff to accept euthanizing patients? I don’t think that euthanizing animals would have been easier for some. It’s hard for me to imagine euthanizing anyone or thing! Later boats allowed the evacuation of pets, making the earlier deaths senseless, which is why perhaps the Dr. Kevorkians should have waited just a little longer.
    How are you feeling as the last of the patients who will leave Memorial alive load onto the helicopters? I felt upset as the last patient was loaded to leave. I feel that everyone could have been saved or attempted to have been saved. I feel that this patient would have died had the patient not been proactive in his rescue.

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