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    Hannah Daigle

    I wouldn’t call myself a writer. I’ve done the typical English classes needed in high school. I enjoy reading and reading essays but I don’t ever write unless I have too. I’ve tried journaling, I didn’t even have a diary when I was younger, it’s just not for me. I enjoy reading argumentative style writings, I learn things I didn’t know on other peoples positions of topics. I think my writing style is narrative. I’ve written a lot of essays about personal experiences and also fiction stories for English classes.

    Demetri Burnett

    The fact that you like Narrative writing is an reward in itself. The best part about it you can choose 1 of the 5 writing styles and I’m sure you’ll find the right style that complete an amazing essay, YOU GOT THIS!!!!

    Rachel Vargo

    I feel the same way about reading as you seem to feel about writing – I just never enjoyed it very much or did it for fun. Hopefully when we get to write about nursing topics, you’ll find it easier to write about something that interests you!

    Brigette Robichaud

    I can relate to not enjoying writing! But, I have high hopes this course will give us the knowledge and resources to expand our writing in our nursing careers!

    Beverly Cogburn

    Hi Hannah,
    I find the narrative style of writing to be the most fun writing style because it is a form of self-expression.

    Busayo Asebioyo

    Hi Hannah,
    Narrative writing style is good, it helps the writer to express herself based on the story she is narrating.

    Nicole Stuhlmiller

    Hi Hanna!

    Narrative writing is great!. There are so many things that incorporate the narrative style. I find that writing about personal experiences comes from the heart and has a nice flow.

    Dailyn Hatch

    I feel the same way, I like to read argumentative style writing, but I would prefer to write using narrative style. It’s awesome that you know what you like! It definitely makes a difference in your writing when you chose a style that fits you best.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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