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    Demetri Burnett

    I would think for her it must have been extremely difficult to find and talk to most of the people involved, I would say she has come across a lot of communication dilemmas, finding the correct resources, information, and facts to construct and write the book. The prologue definitely raises some questions for me as to why haven’t any of the other doctors or nurses stop them from doing such a thing? who else can these people count on to be an advocate for them if the people who are supposed, cant? I don’t think Dr.Pou was placed in any predicament to make such decisions on peoples life’s, I believe she and the others involved became impatient and worried, which doesn’t justify their acts. Hospitals were exempt by the mayor for the mandatory evacuation orders, doctors were requested to leave last. I’m sure the orders were made that way because in a situation like so, you want to make sure all patients are out safely first. It was mandatory that everyone evacuate but doctors decided to put the sickest people last. As the Hurricane drew close you started to see doctors go in the fight for they self-state, you start to see doctors go against the Universal health literacy of culture, beliefs, and customs for practicing care.

    Beverly Cogburn

    You make a good point about the doctors being forced into a fight-or-flight response as there was so muich going on that doid not pertain to the norms of patient care practices.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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