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    Taylor Ouellette

    One of the first things I thought of when reading the author’s note was how difficult it must have been to accurately track down all the people she interviewed. Before even speaking to them, she must have needed some idea of their role in the disaster. Even after, it must have taken a considerable amount of time to record and take notes on everyone’s account; relying solely on their own memories. I can only imagine the pages and pages of notes she would need to organize to form an accurate timeline.
    As an interviewer, I wonder if it was challenging to ask people to recount such a difficult time in their lives as well. With doctors and nurses who felt they had no choice but to take a human life, it must have been very painful. I’m not sure this is the path I would have taken, but the more I read the more I realize I have no idea what I would’ve done being in their place.
    Aside from the hospital staff, though, Sheri Fink would’ve taken either firsthand or secondhand accounts from plenty of other people. For instance, those who didn’t evacuate. Some of the sickest people who wouldn’t have survived the trip by ambulance, or those who stayed in their own homes, were forced to adapt quickly. Some even taking the knowledge of the old ways by filling their bathtubs with water to wait for rescue. For all this and more, you have to admire Sheri Fink for taking the time to compile these heartbreaking accounts for us to learn from.

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