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    Brigette Robichaud

    1. I think it is astonishing that Sheri Fink conducted over 500 interviews in order to write this book. It must have been so challenging to track everyone down and get the full, unbias story. Along with attempting to put all of the interviews in the order they happened and clear enough for a reader to understand, Sheri still managed to keep her own opinions and thoughts aside and stick to the facts. A dilemma she must have had to deal with was letting people tell their side of the story and not form any type of theory on whether they were right or wrong.

    2. The first question the prologue raises for me is why did the residents of New Orleans and the surrounding communities not evacuate sooner. I understand no one could have predicted the outcome of the storm, but once it was reported as a complete catastrophe, I feel everyone should have left much sooner than twelve hours. Dr. Pou and her colleagues understood the severity of the situation and knew most of the patients would not survive regardless, so why make these patients suffer anymore then they already have. I feel I would have done most of the same things the doctors and nurses did. Ethically they have gone about somethings in a different manner, but overall they had the patients best interest at heart.

    3. The doctors and nurses were given exemptions from the evacuation. With the storm coming, their was bound to be injuries and those injured people need a place to go. Also, they were told to stay with the patients who were too sick to be evacuated. Memorial Hospital had over come all the past hurricanes and storms since it was built in the 1920s, so most thought it would be a safe place to take shelter.

    Beverly Cogburn

    Hi Brigitte,
    I agree that the hsoptial staff did have the patients’ best interest at heart. I have never been in that type of situation so I am hesitatnt to say what I would do. This book is an example of how far removed administration is from patient care and the decisions that go along with that.

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