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LNA Program Training Tuition

If you are receiving funding through a scholarship, grant, employer or other 3rd party agency an authorization in writing from the sponsor will secure your seat in class.

100% tuition reimbursement is available through the State of NH for all private pay students. Private pay is any student who pays for the course without using a grant, scholarship or VA funding. Once a license has been received, and employment secured in a long term care facility in NH, the student can then submit their receipt for reimbursement. We provide directions on how to apply for reimbursement to all eligible students once they have paid in full. Full time, part time and per diem positions all qualify for reimbursement. You can apply for reimbursement your very first day on the job, there are not any terms in place requiring you to work for a specific amount of time. If you have questions about the reimbursement program, please contact the Admissions Office.

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Financial Assistance Options:

The following options may be available to assist you financially.

  • NH Needs Caregivers is a grant-funded effort to encourage and help individuals start a healthcare career as an LNA. The initiative will help 700 people find an LNA position at a nursing home, help to find coverage for training costs, cover licensing preparation and costs and provide them with a $500 bonus after six months of employment. Anyone interested in gaining healthcare workforce experience is eligible. No college education required. Request information here: by clicking here - https://nhneedscaregivers.org/
  • Scholarship through the NH Charitable Foundation (Medallion Fund).The NHCF offers many different types of scholarships to residents of NH looking to further their education. Scholarships can be awarded for the full amount, or for part of cost of the program depending on eligibility. You can apply online by clicking here. Click on Apply for Scholarship, then Certificate, license or other industry-recognized credential.
  • MY TURN Inc. This free program helps young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 decide on a career path, provide the financial, material and academic support necessary to earn a credential in the chosen career path, and help them find a job in that field afterwards! For more info, www.my-turn.org or call the office closest to you. Laconia: 603-275-0203. Nashua: 603-883-0523 ext. 223. Rochester: 603-335-1177. Manchester: 603-321-3416.
  • NH JAG (Jobs for America’s Grads). This program is designed to help assist low income adults ages 16-24 secure employment by providing training opportunities in programs such as the LNA. To find out if you qualify for tuition assistance through NH JAG, call 603-647-2300.
  • NH Employment Program. If you are currently enrolled in the NH Employment Program, talk with your employment counselor to see if you are eligible for tuition assistance for the LNA program.
  • NH Vocational Rehabilitation. If you have a disability and your disability has created difficulties with you preparing for a job, securing a job or keeping a job, you may be eligible for services with Voc Rehab. Your counselor will determine which work opportunities are best for you and may be able to assist you with job training such as the LNA program.
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) / NH Works. – This employment and training program is funded by the US Dept of Labor to help dislocated workers and other eligible adults access the tools they need to manage their careers through information and high quality services. WIOA Employment Counselors may provide various services to you including occupational skills training (such as the LNA program). You may be eligible for WIOA if you have been recently laid off or terminated, you are unemployed, you are collecting food stamps or TANF, you are employed and your income is below the self-sufficiency guideline, you are a displaced homemaker, you are homeless or you are an individual with a disability. For more information on the WIOA and to find the office closest to you, visit http://www.snhs.org/programs/workforce-development/workforce-investment-act-wia/.
  • Employer Sponsorship. We are seeing more and more employers, especially those in the healthcare field, sponsoring their employees to take the LNA training program with us. If you currently work for a facility that hires LNAs, talk to your HR Director or Administrator about the possibility of them assisting you with your education.
  • St. Francis is looking to hire: Unit Aide’s If you are someone who appreciates and truly cares for the welfare of the geriatric population, apply through our website or visit St. Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at 406 Court Street, Laconia, NH to fill out an application.
  • Clergy Sponsorship. Check with your personal clergy to see if there are options available to you for tuition assistance.

If you have any questions about any of the financial assistance options, please feel free to contact our admissions office at 603-647-2174 or Info@LNAHC.com.

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