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    Melissa Griffin

    The five writing styles are narrative, analytical, expository, persuasive, and argumentative. Narrative tells a story; it can be fiction or nonfiction. Analytical writing is the process a writer is giving you information, and how they came to that conclusion. Expository writing is when the writer sets forth the explanation of a topic. Gives you all of the information, without trying to persuade you in any direction. A persuasive writing is just that… the writer wants to sway you towards to agree with whatever was written. Argumentative writing is having your collective opinions and views and trying to convince the reader to agree with your thoughts.
    If you could not tell from the above paragraph, I tend to stumble over my thoughts a lot. I have no desire to write anything, unless a grade depends on it. If I were to write, I believe I would have the narrative style. I tend to write like I was telling a story or holding a conversation with you. My grandparents loved getting letters from me, they would say that it was like I was me in the room talking to them when reading them. I miss them like crazy.. they have passed on.
    I like to read. I am in a book club with some friends from work. I think my favorite book is, “A Man Named Ove”. It’s about this elderly man, and how he copes with life after his wife passes. The book hits home because of many of my peeps at the nursing home, and how alone they are without the loves of their lives.

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